About Us

Bryant Symons Technologies Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of ultra-precision machinery. Our head office is located in Grantham in the UK, where we employ a team of skilled designers and engineering experts.

At Bryant Symons we produce a range of machines incorporating single point diamond technology. The diamond flycutting machines are used in the production of components in the aerospace, automobile, defence, electro-optic, and ophthalmic industries.

We are the UK manufacturer to the Royal Navy of the CO2 Absorption Unit – a life saving device for military submarines. In collaboration with the Ministry of Defence we designed a unit which would absorb harmful CO2 and deliver purified air with a reduced CO2 content in the event of an emergency giving the crew time to escape. The unit is extremely reliable and has proved to be popular with both submarine captains and crew – we have been supplying the unit to the UK Ministry of Defence for over 60 years.

Bryant Symons is accredited with the ISO 9001:2015 Certificate, a benchmark for quality and accuracy in the field of engineering.

Civil Aviation Authority – Approval Certificate


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