Aircraft Cabin Window Repair

Using our 30 years of experience as OEM’s for window repair machinery we opened a facility focused on offering a low cost, high accuracy, quick turnaround cabin window repair service to our customers.

Aircraft cabin window refurbishment

We can inspect and repair the majority of cabin windows, aircraft types include (but are not limited to): Boeing, Airbus, ATR, Bombardier, Bae/Avro, Embraer.

We are an EASA & FAA Part 145 (C19) Approved repair facility with ISO 9001:2015 quality standard accreditation.

CAA – Approval Certificate
EASA and FAA Certified
Current Capabilities List

Aircraft cabin window refurbishment
Benefits of aircraft cabin window refurbishment

Benefits of Repairing


  • During the life of an average narrow-body aircraft it can cost up to £70,000 to replace the outer cabin windows.
  • Repairs using our process would cost £13,000 saving £57,000.
  • Efficiency of the process compared to others available allows us to reduce costs.


  • To process one side of the outer pane on our repair machinery takes three minutes.
  • Our streamlined process ensures maximum efficiency.

Window Life

The cleaner cut of our diamond tooled process creates a smoother surface that is more resistant to contamination and crazing compared to standard abrasive processes. A report by Klaus Ewald (Lufthansa) showed a near doubling of lifespan compared to a standard pane.


  • Using our process, the majority of windows can be repaired up to 10 times eliminating the need to replace with new.
  • Swarf is clean and recyclable.