CO2 Absorption Unit

The primary function of the CO2 Absorption Unit is to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in a submarine in the event of an emergency and to deliver purified air with a reduced CO2 content.  The unit is highly adaptable to different environments, such as use in emergency mining situations.

How It Works

Air purification is initiated when the electric motor within the unit is activated by a crew member.  The motor drives a fan which draws carbon dioxide contaminated air through four soda lime canisters.  Purified air is then delivered into the submarine either through ducting, or via the submarine’s ventilation trunking.

SubmarinePower is supplied to the unit via a power supply regulator which runs off the submarine’s main battery.  The regulator controls the amount of purified air delivered into the submarine’s ventilation trunking.  Should the submarine’s main battery supply be unavailable, i.e. in an emergency situation, the unit can be connected to sea water batteries.

Additional Features

Unit design can be adapted to fit any size navy regulation soda lime cannister.  Vibration and noise levels are kept to a minimum so the unit is virtually undetectable in operation.  Each unit is lightweight (262lbs) which makes it easy to move for maintenance or refurbishment purposes.  Ease of operation means that crews require very little training.  Units are extremely reliable and require little or no maintenance.

Training/Maintenance Support
We provide a full training programme as well as operations manuals, spares and on-going maintenance support. Bryant Symons’ engineers can undertake yearly checks of each unit as part of our after sales service if requested and offer a refurbishment service if required.

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